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Many people have asked me over the course of the past three years how Book IV in the series is going, Matthew Texas in: The Story of Starr, which I began writing in 2012. And truthfully I’ve admitted there was little progress. Until now.

But first, I must tell you that I’m recovering from arthroscopic knee surgery which I had in mid March. Such is the price for a lifetime of contact sports including my favorite, ice hockey. The surgery was performed at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital, and I compare the experience to a five star hotel—though I’ve never stayed in one. I am beholden to the entire staff of doctors, nurses, medical school residents, who all excelled in what they do. Truly this is an incredible group of incredible people.

My surgeon had sworn that I will be back on the ice playing goal in a number of weeks. Okay, maybe not
Be that as it may, my May trip to the UK was a success as far as research, though physically quite challenging. I flew into Dublin and met up with a high school friend. Then I headed to Belfast where I visited the grave of Bobby Sands. I continued on across the Irish Sea to Scotland, Glasgow first, then Edinburgh. Most of my nights were spent in hostels, speaking to travelers from Canada, Germany, France, Australia.

My last three days there were spent touring the Isle of Skye in NW Scotland with a wonderful tour group. I sat right on Loch Ness, then walked through the impressive Eilean Donan Castle.

My regards to all: Jonathan Panczyk